Client Testimonial  

Hi Richard,

I was able to get a few “Moving Kits” into some hands before leaving town.  I was just invited by a Realtor group to come to their sales meeting next week to present the product to them.  Many in my BNI group want sets to show other people.  Had several reposts on FB by organizers!  I am very happy and can’t wait to get back home to promote it more!  I really can’t thank you enough for all of the help you and Harvey gave me through this first part of my new products development. 


Enuff With The Stuff


“Clark’s Litho is trusted and respected for consistently providing quality work and accommodating impossible schedules.”

Case Study

The team at Clark’s Litho was recently approached by a nationally recognized accounting firm to produce two publications – a 96-page plus cover report and 58-page plus cover corresponding analysis to the report. Quantities were 1000 with the requirement of the first 200 of each to be at a conference on the west coast in three business days!  Our solution to what seemed like an impossible schedule was to print all 1000 4-color covers of each report offset, utilizing aqueous coating.  The 200 sets of text pages were simultaneously printed digitally. The aqueous coating provided for quick drying and handling of the cover sheets, which allowed for immediate collating and perfect binding the first 200 sets, which were then shipped overnight to the conference location.  The balance of 800 sets of text pages were printed offset and bound with the balance of pre-printed covers.


  • Time savings by combining offset and digital processes
  • Cost savings by running all covers at one time thus avoiding extra set up charges
  • A print buyer with piece of mind knowing that what seemed to be an impossible task resulted in a quality project, delivered on time!